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Great Foundations, was founded in November 2011 in response to an un-met need in education. Since 2006, Heather Wilson, Owner of Apple Tree Learning Center in Lindale, TX, recognized that many children were not able to function well in traditional classroom settings. Many hours were spent researching children who were considered "below level", studying children ages 6 weeks to 12 years, who displayed difficulty with academics or speech, developmental delays, or social, emotional and/or behavioral skills. 

While most facilities offer a learning curriculum, due to operational expenses, they are unable to accommodate the specific learning needs of some children. As a 501(c)(3), we re able to gain financial support from outside sources in order to supplement the additional expenses associated with the program. Great Foundations has classrooms with a lower student-to-teacher ratio in order to offer more one-on-one attention. We teach the way each child needs to learn.

This Program is designed to reach every child in need of a positive learning experience. Our goal is to build strong children who will not become part of the drop-out statistics in the future. We want to help mold these kids into strong, productive and well-educated members of society. By their very design, these children are born leaders. They simply need the guidance, tools and support to get there. In 2011, according to Intercultural Development Research Association (, 855 students dropped out of school in Smith County alone. This is a sad and terrifying number, and we are invested in making lasting changes in children for the future.

About Great Foundations

Great Foundations, Inc.

903.617.6065   307 N. Glenwood  Tyler, TX 75702
At Great Foundations you will see...
  • Movement-based learning using BrainGym
  • Region VII Kindergarten Readiness Program
  • Sensory Play and Scream Therapy
  • Children and Teachers with No Shoes
  • Children Participating in Animal-Assisted Activities
  • T-Stools in Place of Chairs
  • Smaller Student-To-Teacher Ratios​​

"Although Grant has only been with y'all about six months, he's a totally different kid!"

-Scott and Samantha, Parents of Grant and Grace

Tuition and Fees

$145 6 weeks to 3 years
$135 3 years to Pre-K
$62.50 IMPACT (School Age)

We accept CCS.
​The EDP is $35.00 additional(for private pay)